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Urban public transport has always been an important infrastructure closely related to people's lives. If the number of buses cannot meet the demand of passengers, there will be serious problems such as bus congestion, disorder, fare evasion and management chaos. This will not only bring security risks to passengers, but also bring operational risks and economic losses to passenger transport companies.
Scheme overview
  • The system can help managers accurately grasp the passenger flow of each time period, each line, each station and each long-distance passenger car through the statistics of the number of bus and coach passengers, and better optimize the operation plan and resource allocation.
Scheme value
  • Mainly used in public transport passenger flow management
  • · 3D People Counter statistics terminal for public transport passenger flow in and out of statistical analysis, video statistical analysis is also possible, and the statistical accuracy rate exceeds 98% in a standard environment.
  • · The vehicle intelligent host has a multi-satellite positioning system, high-precision positioning, inertial navigation, etc., and the manager can accurately grasp the flow of people in each time period, each bus, each station, and each long-distance passenger car.
  • · The 3D People Counter device can be connected to the public transport passenger flow management platform or third-party platform after connecting to the vehicle intelligent host, and the deployment is simple and flexible. It can also be connected to external equipment (alarm).
  • · The public transport passenger flow management platform can count the passenger flow data in and out, including the passenger flow data of 5 minutes, time period, day, week, month and quarter
  • Public transport passenger counter system
  • · It is suitable for the use of various public transportation, and can also view the driving status of public transportation and the management of equipment.
  • · High-precision positioning and passenger counter, real-time monitoring of vehicle status managers can accurately grasp the passenger flow of each time period, each bus, each station, each long-distance passenger car, etc.
  • · It can generate various data reports, such as driving behavior analysis, fuel consumption analysis, passenger flow statistics reports, driver punch records, etc.
Actual scene
  • Bus Passenger Counter
  • Vehicle GPS Positioning
  • video
  • video