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At present, there are various problems in toilets: it is difficult for the public to find toilets, long lines, and difficult to go to the toilet; The problem of dirty toilet conditions and the waste of paper and other consumables; Insufficient management of cleaning personnel; Inefficient management, unable to perceive the current situation of toilets and respond in a timely manner; Localization and low efficiency of equipment operation and maintenance; Unable to provide managers with effective data for decision-making and analysis; There is no unified service platform for toilet management and users at all levels.
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Scheme overview
Scheme overview
  • The company carried out detailed research and analysis, and developed a complete and efficient intelligent toilet management system. Through the management of public toilets, the system improves the convenience and experience of using public toilets; Provide statistical analysis of squatting data, environmental data and other data to improve managers' scientific decision-making ability; Improve the toilet environment, reduce waste, etc.
Scheme value
Intelligent monitoring, data viewing, intelligent control
  • Intelligent monitoring, data viewing, intelligent control
  • Through large screen display data, mobile phone display data and other ways to facilitate users to use the toilet. It is also convenient to manage the pipeline
  • Provide squatting data and environmental data for statistics and analysis
  • Equipment remote control operation and real-time data display