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Vehicle Intelligent Host
I. IntroductionWe hope you are satisfied with the new equipment. FOORIR has formulated the FOORIR after-sales service policy in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations on the protection of users' rights and interests in China and the relevant policies of FOORIR. You can return, exchange or repair products according to the provisions and terms of this policy, and FOORIR will provide you with relevant services.
1, Warranty productsThis service policy only applies to FOORIR Vehicle Intelligent Host and random accessories products to provide warranty maintenance services, return services.
2. Vehicle Intelligent Host warranty service
1, Product warranty periodVehicle Intelligent Host The warranty period of the product and its accompanying accessories (if any) is as follows
CategorySubclassWarranty period
Vehicle Intelligent HostHost machine1 year
2. Support warranty certificateUsers can obtain warranty services from FOORIR official or authorized dealers with the following warranty certificates:
Certificate of insuranceInstructions
Paper and electronic invoicesThe start date of warranty is based on the invoice purchase date. If the last day of warranty validity is a statutory holiday, the next day of warranty validity is the last day of warranty validity.
Warranty card voucherWarranty with the packaged warranty card

* If the user loses the invoice and product warranty card, and fails to provide valid evidence such as the invoice copy or the invoice (copy), the free warranty period of the product will be calculated from the date of production

3. Warranty policyUsers can obtain warranty services from FOORIR official or authorized dealers with the following warranty certificates:
Insurance policyInstructions
15 days free replacement, warrantyIf there is a performance problem within 15 days after the purchase of the product, and there is no scratch on the appearance, you can directly replace the new product
One year warrantyDuring the warranty period, if the main engine of the product has a performance failure that is not caused by human damage, you can enjoy free repair service.
4, The following circumstances do not belong to the free refund, replacement, warranty scope
  • Damage caused by transportation, loading and unloading in the course of return, replacement or repair.
  • Any modification, disassembly or maintenance without FOORIR's authorization causes damage.
  • Accidental factors or human actions cause product damage. Such as: liquid, drop damage, input inappropriate voltage, excessive extrusion, motherboard deformation, etc. For the power adapter, if there is obvious hard object damage, cracks, broken feet, serious deformation, power cord damage, broken wire, bare core and other phenomena.
  • Failure to install, use, maintain or keep the product according to the requirements of the operating instructions leads to product failure or damage.
  • Warranty certificate does not match the product model or the warranty certificate is altered.
  • The product nameplate, SN bar code, and anti-demolition label are torn off or damaged, making them indistinct and unidentifiable.
  • Out of warranty period.
  • Failure or damage caused by force majeure factors (e.g. fire, earthquake, flood, etc.).
Third, maintenance quality commitment
  • Within the scope of warranty, if the whole machine is replaced (excluding accessories), the warranty period of the replaced product is recalculated in accordance with the three-guarantee law.
  • The parts or accessories replaced within the warranty will extend the remaining warranty period of the host machine or enjoy a 90-day limited warranty period (whichever is longer).
  • A 90-day limited warranty applies to parts or accessories that are repaired and replaced within the warranty.
Fourth, return and repair guidelinesBefore returning or replacing the goods or sending them for repair, please check whether the following items are fully prepared:
Warranty serviceHost and accessories are completeComplete packageInvoice (unaltered)
Return goods
Before you send the product to repair, please call our technical support hotline: 400-9010-980 or technical support email: to confirm the product fault. You can also seek technical support on the official website At the same time, we will as soon as possible to develop each product driver, the latest version of the upgrade software published on our official website:, convenient for you to download free of charge. The shipping cost of the repaired product is solely the responsibility of the sender. FOORIR is not responsible for any commitments made to you by the Distributor outside of the FOORIR Warranty policy.