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The cultural venue is not only a tourist attraction of the city, but also a landmark place to display the international modern cultural sites of the city. In order to ensure safe and orderly operation, it is necessary to effectively control and manage the passenger flow of the venue in real time, which not only can improve the daily work efficiency, but also avoid congestion and emergencies.
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Scheme overview
Scheme overview
  • The system can be applied to cultural venues, which can help the venue management personnel to know the number of stranded people in time, take measures to control the passenger flow, and prevent the occurrence of security incidents. It can display the passenger flow and trend in real time, assist in reasonable arrangement of tour routes, and effectively ensure the normal order of venue visits; Through annual visitor statistics, it is possible to query and output data on the status of museum operations, providing global control.
Scheme value
It is suitable for passenger flow management of cultural venues
  • It is suitable for passenger flow management of cultural venues
  • · The 3D People Counter statistics terminal performs statistical analysis of passenger flow in and out of cultural venues (it can also perform video statistical analysis, and the statistical accuracy is more than 98% under standard environment.
  • · 3D People Counter reports the data to the attendance early warning host through LAN. The early warning system of the attendance early warning host can configure the data into a visual interface and observe the data in the form of a large screen, which is convenient for the manager to control and manage the passenger flow in the venue.
  • · The occupancy counter system can also be connected to other devices (alarms, gates) and third-party platforms.
Occupancy counter system
  • Occupancy counter system
  • · After the management and setting of the terminal equipment, the data uploaded by the 3D People Counter can be visually configured and the required data can be exported.