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People Counting

Helping Enterprise Digital OperationsEfficient, energy-saving, reliable IoT people counting solutions to help enterprises digitalized construction and improve space management efficiency.Contact Us

The leader in the people counting industry

Accurate people counting systems to improve business decision-making and management efficiency.

3D People Counting Sensor

Accurate, multi-functional mode, plenty input and output interfaces3D depth information in real time through the binocular stereo vision AI sensor. Based on the head and shoulder feature algorithm to operate in complex scenes. Ensure privacy, Accuracy and accurately filter children and other large objects.More Details
3D People Counting Sensor
  • Occupancy Counter System

    Occupancy Counter System

    Works with counter and screens, to realize large-screen display of the occupancy of a single area or multiple areas, as well as alarming system.
  • 3D People Counter

    3D People Counter

    Count the number of people entering, exiting, staying, staying time, passing through, distinguishing adults and children by height.
  • IR People Counter

    IR People Counter

    Simple installation, two-way statistics, suitable for 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi, remote data management, local data query, third-party docking protocol provided, easy to operate.
  • Vehicle Intelligent Host

    Vehicle Intelligent Host

    Host is composed of 3 parts: 4G, GPS and core processing module.To achieve precise positioning and return of data on the moving vehicle.
Statistics, analysis, optimization, improvement

Statistics, analysis, optimization, improvement

People counting system relies on the date online upload of IR People Counter and 3D People Counter, to realize data query and analysis in parks, companies, stores, shopping malls, stations, hotels and other areas. From data analysis, people flow KPI, holiday people flow, to trend analysis, all can be customized and viewed on the cloud platform according to users' actual needs.More Details

Our Business


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Public Transport200+
Retail Business 200+
Retail Business 200+

More about solution of smart business

  • Smart Business Smart Business
  • Public Transport Public Transport
  • Cultural Center Cultural Center
  • Logistics Center Logistics Center
  • Office Space Office Space
Smart Business
  • Real-time, intuitive and accurate customer flow data to achieve integrated business and customer management.
  • Accurate statistics of customer flow data at each entrance and exit of the shopping mall, reflecting the changing trend and timely data reference for operation and management.
  • Based on customer flow data, combined with the internal information system, in-depth analysis of the characteristics of the flow data, etc.
More Details

Privacy Protection

FOORIR equipment protects the security of your personal information
  • First, 3D depth information in real time through the binocular stereo vision AI sensor. Based on the head and shoulder feature algorithm to operate in complex scenes. Ensure privacy, our sensor does not capture personal details.
  • Secondly, FOORIR complies with GDPR standards,your information is effectively protected.
  • In addition, FOORIR has always adhered to the user-centered design concept and is committed to providing users with safer and reliable services.
Privacy Protection

How to help our partners?

HUAWEIHUAWEIIR People Counter helps to analyze the impact of activities, holidays, and weather on customer flow. Improve store performance evaluation and conversion rate.
ANTAANTAFOORIR uses 3D people counter to get real-time customer flow and analyze the impact of events, holidays, weather, and the impact of brand stores on customer flow.
XPeng MotorsXPeng MotorsFOORIR uses IoT products such as 3D people counter to optimize customer flow, improve store staffing and marketing strategies, and use actionable data to increase overall conversion rates and profits.
FILAFILAFOORIR uses IoT products such as 3D people counter to conduct customer flow analysis, thereby increasing economic benefits, improving service quality and customer satisfaction.

How they are doing this?

Shopping malls, retail stores, public transport, scenic spots, libraries, museums, restaurants,factories, supermarkets, parks, buildings, toilets, etc.They are enjoying up-to-date technology, let us show you:
Scenario Cases5 Videos
  • Bus Passenger CounterBus Passenger Counter
  • Vehicle GPS PositioningVehicle GPS Positioning
  • Office occupancy counting systemOffice occupancy counting system
  • Lift occupancy counting systemLift occupancy counting system
  • Floor occupancy counting systemFloor occupancy counting system